Seattle Coffee Works Seattle Space Blend from Seattle, Washington

Seattle Space Blend Coffee

Seattle Coffee Works Space Blend is a well-balanced coffee with no sour or bitter notes.

Although I didn't pick out the lime noted by the roaster, the coffee definitely had a fruity aroma and taste. The aftertaste is smooth and refreshing whether steaming hot or after it cools in the cup. 

Seattle Coffee Works Coffee

Seattle Coffee Works

Here is a little information on Seattle Coffee Works.

Seattle Coffee Works started roasting coffee in 2009 and is one of the only coffee roasting operations in downtown Seattle.

SCW also has a cafe’ in Ballard, Washington. The Cafe’ sounds interesting as they call it the “Slow Bar” and here is the write up from their website.

The Slow Bar has a variety of manual brewing equipment and a quality selection of unique single-origin coffees from most coffee-growing regions around the world. Our Slow Bar is what makes us unique in the world of coffee. It’s part ritual, part playground, and part science lab.

Sounds interesting!

Seattle Coffee Works Seattle Space Blend

To me, blends should brew a balanced coffee that can be used in a variety of brewers and taste about the same every time you buy a new bag.

As a blend, I think this coffee hits the nail on the head. No matter the brewing method, the coffee tastes very similar.

SCW’s Seattle Space Blend is a well-balanced coffee. The overall flavor remained the same from first sip to last regardless of the temperature. The aroma of the beans was lacking, it didn’t fill the kitchen with coffee aroma during grinding, but the brewed coffee tastes fruity and sweet.

I didn’t notice the lime or chocolate notes described on the bag, but to be fair; I did have a cold when I was sampling the Space Blend.

Seattle space blend coffee

There is a slight fruity sour bite in the first sip or two that mellowed sweeter as the cup cooled.

As a blend, you wouldn’t expect too much complexity; the point is to brew a consistent cup of coffee that tastes the same time after time.

The Space Blend is a balanced, full-bodied coffee. By balanced, the cup tastes similar from hot to cold, and it feels the same in your mouth from the sip to the aftertaste. Seattle Space Blend is fairly heavy and rich tasting with a good aftertaste, no bitter notes.

I call Seattle Coffee Works Seattle Space Blend a good breakfast coffee. One that you know is going to taste good and brews the same every time you make it.

How I Brewed Seattle Space Blend

Starting with a pour-over probably wasn’t a good idea with the Space Blend. But my progression always goes pour-over, French Press, Moka Pot, and auto-drip.


A 16:1 pour-over with a Hario V60 with the coffee ground at the 5th setting on a Porlex Tall hand grinder was a bit strong for me.

Not that the coffee had bitter flavors, it just was too strong for my taste. I increased the grind size to the 7th setting on the hand grinder, and the cup was much better.

French Press

I liked the Seattle Space Blend brewed in a French Press at an 18:1 ratio, with a coarser grind (I’m too lazy to hand grind 50-grams so I use an (inexpensive electric grinder) set halfway between medium and coarse, and brewed for 4-minutes. I pour what coffee remains in the press into a carafe to keep it hot.

The coffee tasted good from the first cup to last.

The coffee was rich, full of flavor, again with no bitter notes, with a fruity aroma, and a sweet light chocolate finish.

I enjoyed Seattle Space Blend brewed in the French Press

Moka Pot

I brewed my Moka Pot with 21-grams of coffee ground at the 4th setting on the Porlex. I pre-boil the water and always add foamed Half-n-Half into the cup.

Excellent cup of coffee, flavorful, but I couldn’t pick out any particular flavor notes brewed this way.


Here is where I need to pick my game up, my auto-drip doesn’t heat the water hot enough in my opinion. I have a Cuisinart DCC500, I use it when I need to get up early, or with dark roasts and sometimes blends.

I don’t think it’s fair to say the coffee maker does the coffee justice.


According to Seattle Coffee Works web site the Seattle Space Blend did well with Coffee Review and got a 93 rating as an espresso.

This rating doesn’t surprise me, even as a Moka the Space Blend tasted very rich, I would imagine as an espresso it would rock!

If you have an espresso machine, don’t hesitate to buy this coffee and give it a try!

Bean & Roasting Info

  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Producers:
  • Country of Origin: Guatemala (53%), a Natural Ethiopia (32%) and Kenya (15%)
  • Variety: Unknown
  • Processing Method: Unknown
  • Growing Altitude: Unknown
  • Roaster Tasting Notes: Notes of milk chocolate, key lime, mixed berry
seattle coffee works space blend whole beans

Summary of Seattle Space Blend

Seattle Coffee Works Seattle Space Blend is a full-bodied coffee with a fruity aroma and a sweet light chocolate finish. I liked the coffee brewed in a French Press or Moka Pot. The coffee has also been rated highly as an espresso.

I received this coffee as one of my monthly Bean Box subscriptions. I enjoy coffee delivered from Bean Box, but I wish they would include the roaster’s label.

The Seattle Space Blend contains Guatemala, Ethiopian, and Kenyan coffee beans.

This is a good Breakfast coffee, or for me, it’s a working coffee, where I can drink several cups of it while working and know that the last cup will taste as good as the first.

The aftertaste is pleasant, there are no bitter notes, which makes me go back for more.

You can visit Seattle Coffee Works website by clicking the button below.


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