Review of a Brazilian Coffee Roasted by Passion House Coffee Roasters

Who doesn’t like to wake up to the wonderful aroma of coffee?

Passion House Coffee Roasters did an excellent job roasting their Brasil Fazenda Primavera beans.

Every morning I stuck my nose in the coffee container and took a deep breath.

passion house coffee roasters Brazil coffee

The aroma is sweet, fruity, and nutty.

As good as it smelled whole, the aroma from by Porlex grinder was 10-times better.

The awesomeness of this coffee didn’t stop with the aroma. The coffee brewed from these beans is fruity with a delightful aftertaste.

But first a bit about Passion House Coffee Roasters.

Passion House Coffee Roasters

Passion House Roasters is an artisan coffee roaster from Chicago, Illinois. Founded on the west side in 2011, this roaster has a unique outlook on marketing their coffee.

In the end, I know it’s all about the taste of coffee, but I also enjoy looking at the roaster’s coffee bags. I like to see what the roasters are all about, and how they market and showcase their product.

Here’s where Passion House’s coffee bag represents their brand.

The unique outlook is shown on the coffee bag with the dimensional cube showing three sides labeled with letters, A, M, and E.

Passion House Coffee roasters logo

The letters stand for the genre of their coffees: Ambient, Mainstream, and Experimental.

There’s no sense of me re-writing the definitions when you can read them off their label shown below (click to expand the image on desktop).

Passion House Coffee Roasters

However, I do wish Passion House would tell me more about the genres on their website, but besides being able to segment their shop by genre, they didn’t expand on the distinctions between the types.

I think Passion House is onto something here because it will give buyers some idea of what they’re going to get flavor wise. Because let’s face it, very few people taste the flavor notes as described in the tasting notes.

Speaking of not recognizing the tasting notes, let’s get on to the coffee review.

Review of Brasil Fazenda Primavera from Passion House Coffee Roasters

The roasters flavor notes mentioned cocoa, almonds, and nougat. I couldn’t come to that conclusion without reading the label.

I never hold a roaster to their flavor notes, firstly, I’m drinking a regular brewed cup of coffee, which isn’t as strong as a cupping brew.

Look at it this way, when you can taste the roasters flavor notes, well then, you’ve found a special coffee!

There are several flavor aspects I did enjoy when drinking this Brazilian coffee.

  • First, the taste is pleasant, sweet, and mellow. No bitter notes here.
  • Second, the aftertaste of this coffee continues on forever!
  • Third, the long-lasting aftertaste makes me want another cup as soon as I take that last sip.
  • Fourth, yes the fourth aspect I liked about Passion House’s Brasil Fazenda Primavera coffee is that it has more flavor when it cools. Let’s face, sometimes the cup of coffee sits there and cools before you can drink all of it.

I say waste not, want not, so I drink it anyway. The bottom of the cup of this coffee still has great flavor, there’s no bitterness what so ever.

This is just another reason I want to get up and make another cup of this coffee!

Favorite Ways to Brew

My two favorite ways to brew Passion House’s Brazilian coffee is using a Hario V60 and making it little bit stronger than I usually do. Instead of a 16:1 ratio, I use a 15:1 water to coffee ratio.

Unusual for me, because I think most roasters brewed coffee is too strong, at least for my tastes.

Don’t forget when using a dripper that the ground coffee absorbs some of the water so you might have to add extra.

Passion House’s Brazilian is also awesome brewed as a fresh iced coffee via my Aeropress method (post coming soon) is excellent!

The iced coffee is very sweet and has a distinct taste.

Bean & Roasting Info

  • Roast Level: Light
  • Producers: Fazenda Primavera
  • Country of Origin: Brazil or Brasil depending on where you're from.
  • Region: Chapadas De Minas
  • Variety: Mundo Novo
  • Processing Method: Pulped Natural
  • Growing Altitude: ~3,280 ft amsl
  • Roaster Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Nougat, and Almond
Passion House Coffee Roasters Brazil Beans

Brasil Fazenda Primavera Review Summary

Passion House Coffee Roasters hit this on out of the park!

The coffee beans have a great aroma that only gets better when you grind the beans, sweet, fruity, and nutty right out of the bag.

The brewed coffee is best when brewed stronger and is good both as a hot drink and iced. For me, the best aspect of this coffee is that the flavor changes as it cools in your cup.

The sweet nutty flavor sticks with you, the aftertaste doesn’t become bitter, instead, the sweetness gets me up out of my chair to brew another cup!

Overall Passion House Coffee Roasters Brasil Fazenda Primavera is a winner. You won’t order this coffee once, you’ll be back on Passion’s site re-ordering this coffee.

Click this link to read more about Passion House Coffee Roasters.

passion House Brazilian coffee

Click this link to order this wonderful Brazilian coffee. The description goes into more detail about the region and the farm where the coffee is grown.

Also, Passion House has changed the category of the coffee from an A to M.

If you’ve had this coffee or any other Passion House coffee drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.