Hyman Smith Mexican Coffee – Syracuse, New York

hyman smith mexican coffee review

I watched Hyman Smith’s head roaster process these Mexican grown beans and even had to wait for them to cool before they could be bagged and taken home.

Can’t beat that for freshness!

At the time, Hyman Smith Coffee Roaster’s was running a $5.00 per pound sale on all of their coffees, so there wasn’t much time for chit-chat and I failed to get the scoop on where specifically the beans were grown or processed.

My Bad.

Hyman Smith Coffee has been roasting coffee for a long time in Syracuse.

For more on Hyman Smith Coffee, you can read their introduction on a review of another of their roasts, a Kilimanjaro Coffee.

Hyman Smith Mexican Coffee Review

The beans are roasted to the dark side of medium, and the smell of the freshly roasted beans enticed me to brew them, but I held off for six or seven days before grinding my first batch of Mexican beans.

The beans give off a nice aroma when ground and you can smell the fruity notes come out of the beans.

hyman smith Mexican coffee beans

The roast on the beans is even, and they are dense, it took some elbow grease to grind them in my Porlex hand grinder set to the fifth grind setting.

Using a 16:1 ratio and a Hario V60 for the first brew I found the fruity aroma transferred into the coffee. The first couple of sips had a fruity sourness that mellowed into a sweet, pleasant flavor.

The sourness disappears as the coffee cools and the sweetness lingers on your tongue, but there is a slightly bitter aftertaste several minutes after drinking.

Not so bad that you want to stop drinking more, but nonetheless it is there.

Other Brewing Methods

Next up was the French Press, again with a 16:1 ratio with a coarse grind and a four-minute steep.

Surprisingly, the coffee lacked the usual boldness, and the body was lighter than I like.

Still, the coffee was pleasant to drink with a touch of fruity sourness when hot that mellows as the cup sits. The aftertaste had a bit of bitterness but was still very drinkable.

I would grind the beans a setting or two finer when using this coffee in a French Press.

As good as those cups of coffee were, the two brew methods I recommend for this Mexican coffee are the auto drip and the Moka pot.

I’d classify this coffee as a breakfast coffee, one that isn’t too expensive and brews well in the auto drip between 18:1 and 20:1 ratio.

I don’t have a fancy auto drip brewer, and the water is on the bit of the cool side (about 194-196 degrees in the media), but this Hyman Smith Mexican coffee tasted good when brewer in mass.

However, I found my favorite brewing method for this Hyman Smith Mexican coffee is in the Moka Pot.

This Mexican coffee brewed a strong but sweet flavored coffee out of the Moka pot that when mixed with warm foamed milk tasted out of this world!

I set the grind for the Moka at five on the Porlex, adding 21-grams of beans.

Instead of milk, I use Half & Half, making the drink more like a pseudo-Cafe Breva.

I realize that a Moka pot doesn’t make a real espresso, but the strong coffee and warm foamed milk make a great drink.

In fact, the pseudo-Cafe Breva is one of my goto coffee drinks in the afternoon now.

Bean & Roasting Info

  • Roast Level: Medium-dark
  • Producers: Unknown
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Region: Unknown
  • Variety: Unknown
  • Processing Method: Unknown
  • Growing Altitude: Unknown
  • Roaster Tasting Notes: Sweet chocolate with fruit.
Hyman Smith Mexican coffee

Summary of Hyman Smith Mexican Coffee

I don't rate Hyman Smith's Mexican coffee with flying colors, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good roasted coffee.

Granted the flavors aren’t going to knock you out of your chair when you have an afternoon cup. But the coffee does brew well in an auto drip machine when you’re going to have more than one or two cups of coffee at a sitting.

Brewing in mass seems to bring out a smoother tasting coffee.

If you’re a fan of the Moka pot, this Mexican grown coffee is an excellent choice!

If you’ve tried this coffee leave me a comment on your views. I’d be happy to hear what others think!


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