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Kubal Coffee Roasters used social media to peak my interest in this coffee by offering a free pour over with the purchase of a bag of their new Honduras coffee.

Always looking for new coffee, especially with a free cup thrown in, I eagerly took them up on their offer. The funny thing is, Kubal jumped the gun and didn’t have the Honduras coffee roasted in time!  It was ok, tried another one of their great roasts.

After some teasing on Twitter, they promised to have it in their Cafe’s the following day, and I picked up a bag of their freshly roasted organic Honduras coffee.

Honduras Coffee Review

The coffee is roasted to cinnamon and slightly darker color. Kubal Coffee Roasters (Kubal) label the roast level as one out of their five roasting scale.

As you can see from the image, the color varied slightly on the beans.

Kubul Hondduras coffee

The aroma was pleasant and fruity but not overwhelming aromatic. When ground the beans release more of the fruity overtones but it took a good whiff to get the aroma I like to smell when I grind freshly roasted beans.

My first cup was from a Hario V60 at a 16:1 ratio and the beans ground with a Porlex JP-30 grinder at the 5th setting.

The cup was clean but not overly strong and maybe a little sour. There was no bitterness at all in the cup, and I could tell even after the first sip that this was going to be a complex coffee, even with my under extraction.

Correct Ratios and Settings

Hario V60

If pour over coffee is your jam, use a fine-medium grind for your Kubal Honduras coffee. I settled on four clicks with the Porlex and used a 16:1 water to coffee ratio by weight.

Here's how I brew coffee with the Hario V60.

You will find that the organic Honduras coffee by Kubal starts with fruity notes and as it cools change to floral notes.

The brew has a bright, clean taste and is well-balanced with no sourness or bitterness once the grind is correct. The coffee was a little heavy on the back of my tongue.

The coffee becomes more flavorful as it cools, but the best aspect of this coffee is the aftertaste.

The is no bitterness at all in the aftertaste, in fact, Kubal’s Honduras coffee has a great long lasting aftertaste that will drive you up out of the chair to get more!

French Press

I use an electric grinder for my coarse grinds as the handheld models have too much wobble at the coarser settings in my opinion. Plus I don’t want to hand grind a full French Press worth of coffee. I use the third from last setting.

Again, I recommend a 16:1 ratio and let the coffee steep for 4-minutes.

I always expect some bitterness in coffee brewed using a French Press. Not so with Kubal’s Honduras coffee.

The Honduras coffee brewed in the French Press had more body and richness, it had more fruity tones than the brew made using the V60, and the aftertaste was still spectacular!

I highly recommend using the French Press with this Honduras coffee.

Bean & Roasting Info

  • Roast Level: City (light)
  • Producers: Unknown
  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Region: Santa Rosa
  • Variety: Arabica
  • Processing Method: Unknown
  • Growing Altitude: Unknown
  • Roaster Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Blood Orange
Black Oak Ethiopian

​​​​Review Summary of Organic Honduras Coffee by Kubal Coffee Roasters

Once you get this coffee dialed in you won’t be disappointed.

Even though the aroma and flavor in the first sip won’t set off bells and whistles, the aftertaste will leave you wanting more.

The coffee has fruity notes that turn more floral as the cup cools. I didn’t notice any chocolate or blood orange notes as specified on the packaging, but the coffee has some complexity and changes throughout the cup.

If you dislike bitter notes then this is the coffee for you, not once did I notice any bitterness. The aftertaste is long lasting and very flavorful, so much so that you will most likely have to brew another cup!

I will not hesitate to purchase more bags of Kubal Coffee Roaster’s hand-picked Honduras coffee beans.

Kubal Coffee Roasters


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