16 Awesome Gifts For Coffee Lovers – Holiday Gift Guide

gifts for coffee lovers

Does your significant other or best friend love drink good coffee? If so then here are some excellent gifts for coffee lovers!

These coffee lover gift ideas are for those people that are interested in great tasting coffee but don’t have all the equipment they need to get started.

The best part about loving to drink good coffee or even consider brewing coffee as a hobby is it doesn’t take a lot of money. Not like golf, skiing, woodworking or such other hobbies.

If your Christmas or birthday shopping list has some gifts for coffee lovers on it, here are some ideas that will cover the brewing basics.

So let’s get started with the gift ideas!

Coffee Subscription Service

What better gift for a coffee lover than a coffee subscription where they receive coffee beans from some of the best coffee roasters in the country!

Its a gift that keeps on giving every month! I receive coffee from this service every month and It’s like Christmas 12 times a year!


Mistobox is one of the best coffee bean services; they feature coffee from roasters all around the country. The subscriber can tweak his subscription to his tastes and even make menu selections. If you use this link or click the button below and enter YH0Y at checkout, you will receive $10 off!

How can you beat that!

Hand Grinders

Grinding coffee beans just before brewing is without a doubt the first thing you want to do to improve the taste of your coffee.

There are three ways to grind your coffee, a hand burr grinder, electric blade grinder, and electric burr grinder. Blade grinders give you coffee grounds of all different sizes, and if you pulse it too much, the coffee is too fine to use. Leave the blade grinder for spices.

Hand grinders are a lot of work, but if you’re only making one or two cups they work great. The advantage is you can buy a good hand grinder much less expensive than you can buy a good electric grinder.

So let’s take a look at a couple of hand grinders.

Porlex JP-30

This is the hand burr grinder I use. I will be coming out with a review of it soon.

It holds about 30-grams of coffee, and that is enough for about half a liter of coffee. The grind settings are easy to change, and it does a great job of consistently grinding up beans to a medium to a medium-coarse size.

Once you go past the medium setting, the space between the spindle and the burrs is too large, and there is some size inconsistency. Don’t fear; there’s an inexpensive electric grinder that works well on coarse grinds (see below), and for those times you want to brew a lot of coffee in an auto-drip maker.

I totally recommend the Porlex JP-30. Don’t get the smaller mini version; it doesn’t hold enough coffee beans to make it worth the while in my opinion.


For a hand grinder that will process more coffee and look good on your counter go with this Peugeot grinder from France.

Inexpensive Electric Grinder

I use this Cuisinart grinder when I make a full pot of coffee with the auto drip coffee maker, or when I coarse grind coffee beans for a French Press. It works well for the coarser grinds, and okay for medium grinds, but finer than that, and it powders the coffee.

It works for well enough that I haven’t upgraded yet. But I will soon (see below).

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

I will upgrade to this Baratza grinder soon. It is labeled as the go-to entry level grinder. It has a ton of settings, and although pricey it won’t break the bank.

Can’t wait to get one and do a review on it!

Coffee Scales

A scale doesn’t seem necessary for coffee brewing, but if you want to brew coffee consistently, a scale to measure the weight of beans is vital. I will be publishing some data soon on how using a volume measuring device produces inconsistent results.

Don’t worry a good scale isn’t expensive and it will improve the taste of coffee from one cup to the next.

Coastline Digital Pro

The Digital Pro is the first scale I used. It works well and has the accuracy needed to brew good coffee.

Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer

If I could change one thing with the Coastline Pro scale it would be to add a timer. Using my phone as a stopwatch works, but having a timer right on the scale would be much easier!

Coffee Brewers

Here are the favorite brewers I use, as well as a couple that I want to purchase, but the industry and coffee fanatics across the world use all the time.

Again, the cost of this equipment is so inexpensive for all the use people get out of it that they make great gifts.

Coffee brewing is a great hobby!

Hario V60

This simple cone brewer makes the best coffee in my opinion.

It comes in a few different materials, glass, ceramic, and plastic. But I recommend purchasing the glass or ceramic version. Both of these come in various colors.

The glass Hario V60 has a rubber handle and support, and I like mine way better than the ceramic one I used to own (I gave it away).

This is a classic coffee brewer.

Hario Filters

One downfall of the Hario is they take special filters. Don’t forget to purchase them. Luckily they aren’t too expensive either and make a good clean cup of coffee.

Clever Coffee Brewer

I’ve added this brewer to the top of my Christmas list!  I’m sure my daughters will get it for me.

Although it looks like a Hario V60 with a top, it works differently.

You put the Clever brewer on the table, add coffee grounds, hot water, and let it steep. When 4-minutes is up, you lift it on top of your coffee cup or carafe and it triggers a plunger allowing the coffee pour out.

Some coffee experts say this is the easiest device to use and make consistently great coffee.

I know I’m looking forward to trying it.

Aero Press Coffee Maker

Yea, this is an odd one. But I’ll tell you what, the Aero Press makes great coffee! Don’t the advertising fool you, though; it doesn’t make espresso, only strong, rich coffee.

This brewer has a following, so much so, that there are Aero Press coffee brewing competitions.

It also makes the BEST fresh iced coffee (recipe to come soon). This brewer comes with like 400 filters so you don’t have to worry about buying them for this coffee brewer.

French Press

The name French press seems to have fallen out of favor; they’re now calling the device a plunge pot. But whatever you want to call it, I love coffee made from one! By the way, I’m still going to call it a French Press.

These coffee makers are so simple to use! Put in the ground coffee, add hot water, wait 4-minutes and push the plunger down trapping all of the coffee grinds at the bottom of the pot, and pour your fresh cup of coffee.

French Presses are made of either glass or stainless steel.

I like the old fashion glass pots, but I can see the benefits of a stainless pot with some insulating properties.

Moka Pot

I love using a Moka pot to make “espresso”-like drinks!  With only 20-grams of coffee, you can make a thick, rich mini-pot of coffee that when mixed with foamed milk is fantastic!

I make a Moka pot almost every afternoon for a pick-me-up during the winter.


Let’s face it; there are times when you want volumes of coffee. Having a good auto-drip maker that heats the water to the right temperature and is designed to funnel the liquid through the grounds at the correct rate will still make awesome coffee.

I don’t have this brewer, but according to the on-line reviews, it is the best affordable model on the market. It’s also the best seller on Amazon.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

I hope you found these gifts for coffee lovers helpful to check off some of the items on your shopping list.

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I appreciate you reading this post and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season that leads into a Wonderful New Year for you and your family!


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