The Best Way to Clean a French Press Pot

best way to clean a french press pot

If you like rich and bold coffee the French Press has to be your coffee brewer of choice.

That is until it is time to clean out the pot.

Cleaning out the French Press pot has to be the biggest pain of all brewing methods.

How to clean a french press pot

With the French Press, there are no paper or metal filters to lift out the spent grounds.

You can’t bang the pot on the edge of the compost bin or trash can to get rid of the grounds since the pot is glass.

It’s unwise to rinse the used grounds down the sink for fear of clogging the drains regardless if you have a garbage disposal or not.

The height of the French Press pot is so tall that it is hard to get a spoon or even a small soft spatula into the opening to scrap out the grinds.

What is one to do?

Cleaning the French Press Pot the Easy Way

The way I clean my French Press Pot is easy.

I use a funnel and an inexpensive cone coffee filter and some water.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to clean out your French Press pot.

In less than a minute the grounds are out and all that is left to do is rinse out the pot and wipe it down with some paper towels.

Loosen, Swirl, Pour, & Repeat

After putting the cone filter in the funnel and placing the apparatus on a coffee cup take the French Press pot and pour-in some tap water.

Swirl the water around in the pot to loosen the spent grounds and pour the mixture into the funnel.

As you saw in the video, depending on how compact the grinds are in the French Press pot it might take two or three attempts.

Finishing Up

If there are quite a few grounds on the plunger, you can rinse them off with some water into the cone filter once the water level has dropped in the funnel.

Once the majority of the spent grounds are removed from the French Press pot, rinse the few remaining grounds out with running water.

A couple of grounds down the drain won’t hurt anything, and use a paper towel or dish towel to wipe out the French Press pot.

I don’t like to use soap in any of my coffee containers if I can help it. There comes a point when you may need a little dish soap but make sure to rinse off the soap several times.

Dish soap has a way to clinging to the equipment making the next cup of coffee taste like soap.

What to Do with the Filter Paper

When the water has drained from the filter paper you can either put it into the composting bin or throw it way and rinse out the funnel and cup.

Coffee grinds make good compost for the garden. If you don’t have a garden, maybe one of your friends or neighbors would like to use them for theirs. No sense in wasting them if someone can use them.

Tell Me Your Tricks - I'd Love to Hear

How do you clean your French Press pot?

Similarly, or do you have a trick up your sleeve?

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