A New Coffee Brewer Set to Hit the Market – FrankOne Coffee Brewer

October 9, 2018
new coffee brewer frankone brewer

Frank de Paula has designed a new coffee brewer with a non-creative name, it's called the FrankOne.

However, don't let the non-creative name fool you, it's a one touch vacuum extraction coffee brewer.

Part Cleaver Brewer, part siphon brewer and it makes coffee quickly by using negative pressure to force water through the bed of ground coffee, which extracts more of the flavors that your coffee has to offer, while reducing bitterness.


FrankOne Coffee Brewer

The FrankOne coffee brewer is currently on Kickstarter and has reached its goal. This means that the brewer will soon go into production. 

Did I Mention the FrankOne Also Makes Cold Coffee?

That's right, this vacuum extraction brewer will also make fresh cold brew coffee. No more waiting 12-hrs for the cold brew to finish. 

Let's take a look to see how this new technology works.

Pretty cool, huh?

Hot brew is made the same way, only using hot water of course.

If you want more brewing information you can go to the Kickstarter page by following this link.

Less Bitter Coffee with the FrankOne Coffee Brewer

The extraction process keeps the more bitter creme in the container. Below is a very short video explaining why the FrankOne Coffee Brewer makes less bitter coffee.

What Powers the FrankOne Coffee Brewer?

The FrankOne is powered by a battery and is charged via a USB plug.  On one charge 150 cups of coffee can be brewed by the FrankOne and it takes less than 2-hours to charge!

So no damn cords to get in the way!

Great idea I think.

Act Quick to Get a Discount on the FrankOne

The Kickstarter campaign is almost over, but you can get a huge discount if you act quickly.

I will of course follow the progress of the campaign and let you know when the FrankOne Coffee Brewer is available to buy if you don't get in on the Kickstater Campaign

More Information on the FrankOne Coffee Brewer

Use the button below to visit the Frank de Paula website for more information on the FrankOne coffee brewer. 

I have no affiliate relationship with this brewer or de Paula as of yet.