Costa Rica Coffee Troubles?

costa rica coffee troubles

Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee in the Central America if not the world.

Not only is the coffee good, but the producers understand environmental stewardship and paying fair prices to their workers.

However, trouble may be brewing. 

Costa Rica Coffee Problems

Costa Rica Coffee Production is Down

According to the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica coffee production in Costa Rica has been dropping in the last decade. 

Between 2007 and 2017 coffee bean production is down by an average of 19% across the country. 

In some regions, production is down by over 50%!

What are the Reasons for Coffee Production Decline

There are several reasons for the decline.

The first is actually brought about by the upsurging economy. Economic development has reduced the importance of coffee to the country.

The economic and improved social culture has caused the children of successful coffee farmers to become college-educated professionals with wide-open life prospects outside coffee.

Lastly, the environmental stewardship, worker social responsibility, and enforcement of labor laws has increased the cost of doing business to the point where many farmers to stop growing or giving up on farming all together. 

What Does This Mean to Us the Consumers?

For now, the decline in production will mostly likely mean higher prices for Costa Rica Coffee. 

Obviously the better growers are doing well and we can expect high quality coffee even if the price may be a bit higher. 

But with higher prices for their coffee, the farmers that remain will invest in their farms, coffee plantations, and production methods.

In the future, I expect that the quality of coffee will be even better and production will increase so prices remain at least reasonable.


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