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A pragmatist is a person who takes a practical approach to problems and is concerned primarily with the success or failure of his or her actions.

Brewing Good Coffee

Doesn’t need to be complicated

Do you like good coffee?

You know, something a little better than Maxwell House or Folger’s that your Dad drank?

You aren’t alone, artisan coffee is becoming more popular as people realize coffee than a pick-me-up drink.

But with artisan coffee come fancy equipment, obscure brewing methods and odd terminology that are overwhelming and kind of intimidating.

Why do you need to worry about acidity, aftertaste, aroma, body, and flavor in every cup of coffee?

Does the aroma of my coffee really smell like cinnamon, blueberry, milk chocolate, honey, coffee blossom, cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe? Really?

Here’s where pragmatism needs to take over.

Join me and let’s take a practical approach to coffee brewing and figure out how to make a great cup of coffee without all the portentous and flowery vernacular.

In the end, all that matters is that our cup of coffee tastes good and we can repeat the process everytime we brew.

Doesn't Matter What Kind of Coffee You Like

No Judgement Here

Learn With Me

Like you, I’m not a barista and can’t make foam art on top of my coffee.

My senses haven’t learned which aromatic notes are steaming up from my coffee mug and the term cupping makes my eyebrow rise whenever I hear it.

But I love good coffee, and I want to learn more about it.

The Coffee Pragmatist is my journey into the world of coffee.

The goal is to learn different brewing methods and how each changes the taste of coffee.

I want to brew coffee from different regions of the world to taste the differences and learn why that is so.

Join me as I uncover these coffee mysteries by doing research, experiment with different coffees and brewing styles, talk to and interview roasters, baristas, and eventually, visit coffee plantations and talk to the growers.

I will document my journey by writing blog posts, brewing guides, coffee equipment reviews, and I promise not to sound like a coffee snob.

As a pragmatist, I will take a practical approach to brewing coffee and report the success or failure of each action along the way.

I invite you to take this journey into the world of coffee with me, and by all means, please share your experiences too!

Does Anything Smells Better Than Fresh Roasted Coffee?

Coffee Pragmatist Topics

Coffee Bean Reviews

Reviews of fresh roasted coffee beans from around the world. The reviews include how the coffee tastes using multiple brew techniques and my recommendations on the best ratios.

Coffee Deals

Get the best deals on fresh roasted coffee. I work with roasters to come up with savings for you on their latest roasted coffee.


Coffee straight-up is great, but there’re other ways to enjoy freshly brewed coffee. Read how other people are enjoying coffee either by changing ratios or using additives.


Roasting coffee is what gives it flavor. Read how the roasting process works and how it changes the aroma and taste of coffee.

Grinding Coffee

Grinding coffee to the correct size is one of the most important aspects of brewing fresh coffee. It is one of the most confusing because of the relative terms used to describe the grind. These resources will clear it up for you.


Coffee brewing equipment reviews.


The coffee we drink is over 95% water. Water chemistry will affect the taste of your coffee, learn how to change the chemistry to make better coffee.

Interviews with Experts

Read or listen to the interviews I have with barista’s, roaster’s, and other coffee experts. I talk about their businesses, coffee trends, and ask the experts for their tips to brew better coffee.

Brewing Methods

Coffee brewing guides that explain different coffee brewing techniques and methods. Let me make the mistakes for you, learn from my mess-ups.

Storing Coffee

There’re many myths concerning the best ways to store fresh coffee. Storing your coffee properly will extend it’s shelf life and keep it tasting better longer.

Coffee Chemistry

Coffee chemistry is very complex. Get a better understanding of the processes that occur when you pour hot water over your ground coffee, and why coffee tastes like it does.


I report on the news and trends that are happening in the world of coffee.

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Don’t Be Shy, Say Hi.

Did you just have a great coffee? Give me the dirt, what it was and where you get it? Maybe you know a great roaster near you, let me know and I’ll reach out to them and see if I can feature their coffee. Questions and comments are great too!

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