Are You The Average Coffee Consumer? Coffee Drinking Trends

2018 coffee drinking trends

The latest coffee consumer trends are out.

Do you think you're an average coffee consumer? Let's check the data and see how you stack up.

The National Coffee Association has published their 2018 consumer report. Below is a summary of some of the more interesting data.

Coffee Consumer Trends

Below is a bullet point list of the more interesting data and trends from the report.

Remember, the NCA report is a national organization so the data refers to the U.S. and does not reflect global consumption trends.

2018 coffee drinking trends

Interesting Coffee Consumer Trends & Data

  • In the past day, 64% of Americans have had a coffee drinking. This is the highest percentage since 2012.
  • That is up 2% from last year, and 7% from 2016.
  • Past day espresso coffee drink consumption remained the same as last year (24% of people). However last year was the highest ever increase.
  • Of past day coffee drinkers, 7% drank cold brews only.
  • Younger coffee drinkers are driving up the percentage of "gourmet" coffee bean sales.
  • Of people 18 to 24 years of age 19% drank non-gourmet coffee, while 37% drank gourmet coffee in the past day.
  • Of past day coffee drinkers, 48% of people between 25 and 39 years of age drank gourmet coffee.
  • Those 60 years of age that drank coffee in the past day choose non-gourmet coffee brands 42% and gourmet brands 38%.

When Do People Drink Coffee?

  • 82% of people drank coffee for breakfast. This is down from 87% in 2012.
  • Coffee was drank by 41% of people between breakfast and lunch. This is up from 36% in 2012.
  • During the evening, 13% of people drank coffee; this is down 3% from 2012.

Where is Coffee Drank & How is it Prepared?

  • Of people that drank coffee in the past day, 79% prepared their coffee at home. This is down from 84% in 2012.
  • Only 63% of people own an auto-drip brewer, and 45% of past day coffee drinks have used it.
  • Of people that responded to the survey, 41% of them own a single-cup brewer.
  • Only 6% of past day coffee drinkers listed bean to cup as a brewing choice. We'll have to see what we can do about that!
  • Of people that drank coffee in the past day, 41% bought coffee at a drive-thru service. 

No Wonder drive-thru lines are so long. That is the reason I go inside when I purchase coffee on the road!

Let Me Know How You Consume Coffee

Answer the following questions below so I have an idea of what content to add to The Coffee Pragmatist. You don't need to answer all of them.

  1. When are you most likely to drink coffee? Breakfast - After breakfast but before lunch - after lunch - after dinner.
  2. Do you most often use an auto-drip, pour over, french pot, or buy?
  3. Do you grind your own beans? Yes or No.
  4. Where do you buy most of your coffee? Grocery store, Cafe, or On-line.
  5. Do you prefer Light, Medium, or Dark roasted coffee?
  6. How often do you make or buy espresso drinks?
  7. Do you drink cold coffee? And if so, all year or only when it's hot out?