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Is Cold Brew Coffee Healthier? Previous Claims Might Not Be True

November 8, 2018

Is cold brew coffee healthier than all of the other ways to brew coffee? If you believe the marketers, cold brew coffee is lower in acidity and overall a much healthier drink than coffee brewed by traditional methods.Cold brew coffee is one of the hottest (reverse pun?) trending categories in the coffee industry.  Brewers are feeding the […]


How Much Coffee? A Better Question is – How Much Water?

December 26, 2016

A common phrase coffee brewers search for on the internet is “How much coffee do I use to make a cup of coffee?” I think a better question would be “How much water do I use to make a cup of coffee?” Here’s the reason why I say that. The first few times I made pour over coffees […]


The Best Way to Clean a French Press Pot

October 25, 2016

If you like rich and bold coffee the French Press has to be your coffee brewer of choice. That is until it is time to clean out the pot. Cleaning out the French Press pot has to be the biggest pain of all brewing methods.With the French Press, there are no paper or metal filters to lift […]


What is Coffee Bloom and Why Do I Need to Do It?

October 19, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “coffee bloom” or “bloom your coffee,” but what does it mean? You probably have other questions too. Such as why does coffee need to be bloomed? And how do you bloom coffee? This post will provide you with the answers to those questions. You’ll find out that blooming your grounds will make your […]