A New Coffee Brewer Set to Hit the Market – FrankOne Coffee Brewer

October 9, 2018
new coffee brewer frankone brewer

Frank de Paula has designed a new coffee brewer with a non-creative name, it’s called the FrankOne. However, don’t let the non-creative name fool you, it’s a one touch vacuum extraction coffee brewer. Part Cleaver Brewer, part siphon brewer and it makes coffee quickly by using negative pressure to force water through the bed of ground coffee, […]

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Are You The Average Coffee Consumer? Coffee Drinking Trends

October 4, 2018
2018 coffee drinking trends

The latest coffee consumer trends are out. Do you think you’re an average coffee consumer? Let’s check the data and see how you stack up. The National Coffee Association has published their 2018 consumer report. Below is a summary of some of the more interesting data.Coffee Consumer TrendsBelow is a bullet point list of the more interesting […]

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Starbucks Commits Big Bucks to Smallholder Coffee Growers

September 27, 2018
starbucks commits big bucks to coffee growers

Coffee prices are at their lowest price since 2012 and Starbucks commits big bucks to help out the smallholder coffee growers that produce their beans. The coffee commodity market dipped below $1 a pound at the end of August. Although you’d think lower coffee prices are a good thing, it really isn’t because the growers aren’t making […]

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Costa Rica Coffee Troubles?

September 26, 2018
costa rica coffee troubles

Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee in the Central America if not the world. Not only is the coffee good, but the producers understand environmental stewardship and paying fair prices to their workers. However, trouble may be brewing. Costa Rica Coffee Production is DownAccording to the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica coffee production in Costa […]

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