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Researcher, non-Bullshitter and Coffee Geek!


I love sitting outside in the morning, listening to the birds, watching for deer, and sipping a great cup of coffee.

But it wasn’t always like that.

My first sip of coffee was not memorable, and truth-be-told, it was more about economics and caffeine than coffee.

You see the farm market where I work as a youngster stopped giving employees soda as a perk. No more free Pepsi. Coffee, however, was still free. All the Folger’s you wanted…not that I have a problem with Folger’s, but to say the least, the taste won’t bring heralding angels to your ears when you drink it.

“Coffee wasn’t about taste, at 4:30 am six days a week it was a necessary jolt of caffeine, taste didn’t matter.”

Coffee came in cans, it was vacuum sealed, and either put scoops in an auto-drip coffee maker or the electric percolator.

It didn’t get any better at home, money mattered for my parents, the best coffee in the world had the lowest price per pound.

Brewing Technique Matters

The campsite was foggy, the air was damp with dew, the smell of the smoke and sound of bacon cooking over a fire was incredible. I can still remember camping on that island in Long Lake. Not because of the atmosphere, the food, or even the people that were there.

I remember it because of a smell even more powerful that those of smoke and food, it was the smell coming from the enamel coffee pot sitting on the grate over the coals. The smell of the steam out of that pot as water got hotter and hotter, and even more so when my Dad took off the top and cracked an egg and dropped it into the pot to settle the grounds.

“I’m a morning person, it is so quiet and peaceful as the sun comes up. Coffee is the ‘Nectar of the Morning Gods’ and drinking it starts the day off right.”

Trying to not burn my hands on that metal camp cup, I can still remember the smell of what I know now is over extracted coffee, the taste of that dark, rich, and bitter coffee changed everything for me. The same coffee used at home tasted so different brewed over a fire. Yes, it was bitter but it was also so rich and flavorful.

As I spit a residual coffee grind into the fire, my inquisitive mind was wondering how else I could manipulate the taste of coffee.

The Coffee Pragmatist

Growing up in rural upstate New York before the internet was invented didn’t give me very many available coffee options. But when I traveled to the west coast I was introduced to fresh ground coffee, french presses, and espresso machines.

The desire to learn more about coffee was always inside of me, but I never did anything about it.

Finally, I’ve decided to act on my coffee passion by creating this website where I will share what I learn about coffee and the methods used to brew the Nectar of the Morning Gods.

This website is my journey into the world of artisan and specialty coffees.

“What makes speciality coffee so much fun are the different aroma’s and tastes that each batch provides and the fact that you can experiment with and test each coffee with different equipment and brewing techniques.

Drinking the same old coffee day after day is like being in the movie Groundhog day.”

The goal, besides sharing knowledge, is to find coffee roasters around the country and share their stories, experiences, and their work with you. My plan is to negotiate discounts with the coffee roasters and share those discounts with you.

We can then as a group discuss these coffee’s and learn together how to brew them to our liking.

The Coffee Pragmatist

No-nonsense advice on artisan and speciality coffee. From bean to cup, though I prefer mugs. Get how-to advice, reviews, recommendations, interviews and discounts on coffee beans from roasters around the country. 

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